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Board Meetings

East/West Board Meetings: Focus East & Focus West boards meet the third Wednesday of each month at 4480 Refugee Rd., Columbus, OH 43232. Meetings are held in the Second Floor Media Arts Lab at approximately noon (East) and 12:45pm (West).

North Board Meetings: Focus North High School board meets the third Thursday of each month at 4807 Evanswood Drive, Columbus, OH 43229. Meetings are held at approximately 4:30pm in the second floor cafeteria.

Board meetings are open to the public. For additional info please call 614. 394.3710

Focus On Your Future

The Focus Schools are categorized as “Drop-Out Recovery” schools by the State of Ohio. What that means is that students who have struggled within other schools, or needed to withdraw from their education due to life circumstances have a chance to enroll within one of our three schools for free to complete their high school education. 

Focus provides a proven track record of success over nearly two decades – helping students earn their high school diploma on their terms and on their schedule. Free enrollment is available to students ages High School Freshman through age 22.

Columbus Locations
Years of Experience

Why Choose Focus...?

  • Graduate at your own pace

  • Flexible daily schedule

  • Enrolling Freshmen to age 22

  • Online and Teacher led instruction

  • McGraw Hill and Pearson curriculum

  • Personalized educational plans

  • FREE year-round enrollment

  • Credits earned for employment

  • Career and Technical Education

  • Media Arts

  • Athletics

Student Success
I did not have success with any school I attended until I enrolled in Focus. The staff became more like family. They helped me define the credits I needed to earn my diploma, gave me the assistance I needed along the way, and kept me on a clear path to reach my goal within' my busy work schedule.
Focus North High Graduate

Focus allows students of any background between the ages of Freshman and 22 years old a free education to earn their high school diploma at their own pace.

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