Student Work Permits

If you are a current Focus Learning Academy East, West, or Focus North High School student, you are able to obtain a work permit from our Career and Technical Education Department. Please see the qualifications below to obtain and maintain a work permit.


  1. Currently enrolled students under the age of 18 years old.

  2. Students who have been HIRED as an employee. NOTE: Employers may ask before hiring, but students can only receive the work permit application,
    not the actual worker permit.

  3. Focus working minors are advised to meet expectations before a work permit is issued

a.        At least 60% attendance or above
b.       Academically in good standing, credits are regularly earned.
c.       No more than two minor behavior actions within a school year.

Note: Please seek approval from Career-Technical Education Director for special cases.

Cordia Bishop
Career-Technical Education Director
Office: 614.269.0150 ext.2133
Cell: 614.615.9892

Click on the PDF link to the right to download and print instructions and the Work Permit Application.

The completed form should be submitted by email at [email protected].

Download Your Work Permit Application.

CTE Work-Related Off-Site Educational Opportunity

CTE Work-Related Off-Site Educational Opportunities (OSEO) gives working students the flexibility to receive instruction via a computer, printed work taken from the school printed work delivered to the home or off site location, off-site tutoring, project-based learning events including field trips directly associated with a lesson, project-based learning preparation and work-related opportunities.


Step 1. Fill out the OSEO application to see if you are accepted into the OSEO Work-Related program.
Step 2. You will be notified to schedule a phone conference detailing the expectations of the Work-Related OSEO.
Step 3. Once accepted you will be required to meet contract expectations and educational guidelines to maintain OSEO status.

Note: A student’s OSEO status can be revoked if he/she doesn’t meet program requirements.

Download Your OSEO Application

Volunteer. Internship. Professional Certifications

The V.I.P program is designed to provide Focus students with great exposure and opportunities to become skilled workers in the 21stcentury. Through the VIP program, students are able to participate in onsite/offsite volunteer projects, job shadowing/internships, employment, and obtain industry-recognized certifications.

Download VIP Application



A formal designation a student can earn by demonstrating the professional skills that are required for success in the workplace. The student can earn the OMJ Readiness Seal by asking three or more mentors to validate that the student demonstrated the professional skills valued by Ohio businesses.

1. Drug-Free
2. Reliability  
3. Career Management
4. Punctuality
5. Discipline
6. Digital Technology
7 Leadership.
8. Work Ethic
9. Learning Agility
10. Professionalism
11. Creativity/Innovation
12. Teamwork/Collaboration
13. Oral & Written Communications
14. Global/Intercultural Fluency
15. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving